About Me

Photo by Gillian OsborneHowdy, I’m Corwin Brust.

I work as an independent technology professional and live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota,  where I grew up.

Professionally, my specialization is in data. I prefer programming languages (and other tools) that making handling such easier rather than harder. My resume is available as a Microsoft Word DocX or PDF download. Contact me directly via email or find me on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

Personally, I’m the fantastically fortunate father of four fabulous children. I play music with my wife, Dee in various ensembles; we keeping a schedule of performances on the JackTar Records website from whence you may also buy our recordings. I’m currently learning graphic design as well as audio and video engineering because they seem fun.  I write poetry.

Finally, yes, that is my dad. I help maintain his official fansite, which somewhat in need of TLC just at the moment. You can also find him on twitter.

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